Memory Share system:


Everyone has a camera phone at a wedding and, thanks to technology, so many people can now take really great photos. Yes, your official photographer’s photos will be beautifully composed and a cut above the amateurs’ but your guests’ photos will capture another side to your wedding day. However, getting photos from people during or after your wedding is tough at the best of times. Combined with the fact that you may not know (or even manage to talk to) some of the guests at your wedding, you may risk losing all those wonderful moments forever.
Our Memoryshare system is a one of a kind! It’s a custom built photo collecting service that relies on its own WiFi, so forget using a venue’s WiFi, 4G, or downloading a complicated App. Our system is 100% local and self contained, so there is very little risk of anything going wrong. It’s also dead simple: guests log on to the open WiFi channel (your surname) and then go to their web browser and type in your name in the address bar. And Hey Presto! – a website appears and guests can immediately start uploading their photos to the system. It’s that simple!



  • Memory share – one screen: £180

  • Memory share – two screens: £245

  • Memory share – two screens & projector: £285

  • lab-quality printing & attendant (inc. guestbook): add £145



These photos are then automatically downloaded to a pen drive and also scroll live on screens around your venue. You can have as many screens as you like but two are recommended for any large function room. Don’t worry about inappropriate photos showing live as they can be held back until they are checked by us. The slideshow can also be halted and replaced with a monogram, or interactive slide show when not required (e.g. during speeches). A good time to introduce this system is just before the grand entrance to the Wedding Breakfast. The photos can be shown in between courses and then again in the evening, which is a lovely opportunity for the evening guests to share in proceedings earlier in the day. 

Interactive Slideshow: 

We can also pre-produce an interactive slide show of you both when the Memoryshare system is not in use; it’s a lovely way to personalise your day and give your guests a bit of insight into your personal lives. If you have two screens, this can be split so that you have a slideshow on one and the Memoryshare on the other or switched to both screens when required (i.e. during the wedding breakfast or drinks reception). Larger (40-50inch) screens are perfect for Wedding Breakfast rooms and smaller screens (24 inch) are perfect for smaller rooms or when guests will be approaching the screens (such as the drinks reception room or wedding gift area). The smaller screens are pro-level photo editing monitors and the larger screens are full HD domestic TVs. 

Why not include a DIY Photo Booth? 

Additional to the memory share system we can also provide a DIY Photobooth with a realistic backdrop and professional studio lighting. This is best unleashed during the evening entertainment. Your guests can take photos of each other and share it live with the memory share system. These backdrops are photo quality, so look very lifelike and come in a range of sizes to suit your venue. We can also include realistic custom vinyl flooring and a props table to suit your wedding theme. Check it out here



You can also use this system with a projector (in conjunction with a TV). You will need a white surface to project onto and an uninterrupted projection area (i.e. no one walking in front of it). We use top of the range Optoma 5k HD projectors.