Wedding entertainment advice & help


My clients often say “this is the first time I am booking a DJ, I don’t know what to look for”, so in this article I have listed all the things you need to consider when booking live entertainment for your event.

1: Your main choices:

DIY disco: £250 – £450 (You collect/set up):

  • Cheapest entertainment option

  • You can choose the music type

  • Not so good with a mixed crowd (i.e. wedding)

  • You have to collect, set up, operate & return

  • Guests can tamper with music & equipment



Premium musician / duet (£400 – £800):

  • Cost effective option for the live experience

  • Can be booked for the whole day (often at a cheaper price)

  • Might be a bit ‘Samy’ after a while & bore your guests



Premium DJ (£500 – £800):

  • Can play music, but also direct & present formalities

  • Lots of outdated, cheesy or unprofessional DJ’s about!

  • Can be used to play music all day at weddings

  • You only rely & on one person so less risk



Premium Live band (£800 – £1500):

  • Great to have a full professional live performance

  • Quite a bit more expensive

  • Not all guests might like live music

  • You rely on a lot of people which adds risk



Premium band & DJ (£1,200 – £2,000):

  • The best of both worlds for the music

  • Very expensive

  • Can take up a lot of space


2: Pick entertainment that suits you & your venue:


3: Do your research



4: Get some quotes

Yes, I know, shopping for dresses & planning your honeymoon is a lot more fun, but spend a few hours on Google & several mugs of tea later – your done! When you have 3-4 favourites get in touch with them for availability & a quote. Make sure that you include your venue, date & your musical preferences. You can add a bit more information such as guest numbers, access (stairs etc) & times. The more information they have the easier it is to give you a quote. Sit back & relax.


5: Pick a budget


6: Arrange a meeting – ask questions:

A: How long have you been in business, are you full time?

B: Are you a specialist for my event?

C: Have you played at my venue before & will you liaise with the venue or make a site visit?

D: Do you have Public Liability insurance (PLI) & a portable appliance certificate PAT?

D: Can I formulate a list of music & can guests make requests on the night?

E: Can I meet you, do you offer phone, online video or in person consultations?

F: What equipment do you use?

G: Do you provide a written contract?

H: Will it be you who is Djing on the day?

I: Do you have provision if something goes wrong?

J: What makes you different?

8: Book, receive a contract & pay a booking fee

Relax for now. Your hard work is done.


9: One month prior to your event:


Hopefully this has been useful for you, If you are interested in booking me as your wedding DJ then please do fill out the form below for a brochure, pricelist & a list of my favourite local suppliers: