The Your DJ Wedding Grand Entrance:

We have been to thousands of weddings (most in the New Forest) and, more often than not, the entrance to your wedding breakfast will be no more than, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bride and Groom”. Everyone claps and you sit down. Now this is perfect for many couples but if you want something a bit more, our all day DJ and host service strives to go that much further in creating an honest, engaging and personalised Grand Entrance, without boring the socks off your guests!




Receiving Line:

We often organise a Receiving Line prior to the meal (or line up), assuming this is what you want and is applicable to your wedding. The Receiving Line is a great way to get all of your guests into your wedding breakfast in an orderly fashion. Guests will often have to look at a table plan to find their seats, so doing this on an individual basis and not having to join a crowd makes things much more orderly. It is also the one time in the day when you will connect with every guest at your wedding, even if it’s just a “hello, how are you?”. With so much going on and emotions heightened, it’s often hard to do this unless you have a small wedding. It might also be the first time you have met some of your guests, so it provides a moment of one to one interaction that might otherwise be lost during a busy day and prevents the ‘oh no, I don’t think I spoke to…’ post-party worry.

It’s imperative that Receiving Lines do not go on forever, as they can take a very long time otherwise. You can choose to just have yourselves in the receiving line (most popular) or to have other wedding guests. This is most commonly your parents but you can also invite the Best Man and Maid of Honour. As you can guess, the more people, the longer it takes, so you will need more time. When the Receiving Line is finished, we then do the Grand Entrance, but there are a variety of options prior to this, if you choose to have them:


Introduce the Top Table:

We can do an entrance for the top table members, and personalise each one, with a brief introduction of who they are and what makes them tick. This can be amusing or very formal, it’s completely up to you. Or we can introduce the Head Table after your grand entrance as it highlights who they are and the part they’re playing in your wedding. It’s always nice to share a bit of the limelight with them, especially as your parents may have paid for the wedding or the maid of honour may have helped you with lots of the planning etc.



Brief Introduction and Your Journey:

After your Receiving Line we will make sure that all guests are seated and happy. If you have speeches first then we will also make sure that the champagne has been poured or is ready to be poured.