Corona Virus Covid-19 & social distancing wedding ideas


At the time of writing this page (May 1st 2020), it’s unclear what is going to happen with regards to the end of the Covid-19 Corona virus lockdown & what/when wedding venues will be allowed to open their doors & hold weddings again. It’s also unclear how much venues & suppliers will be covered by rules and how that will translate in a practical sense to your wedding day, especially social distancing protocols as the drinks start to flow!


Being positive, I hope that they will reopen in June and weddings will start taking place again. There may well be some restriction on numbers, but I can’t see the point in curbing weddings at 50 or even 100 persons, especially if the guests are travelling from all over the place, it just does not make sense! I do however feel that the registration services may initially limit the number of people allowed in the ceremony room to 5 or 10 key guests & family members. How long this will last, who knows?


The one overriding thing that I also think will affect your wedding will be the mindset of your guests (especially the more elderly). For the not too distant future, they may not feel comfortable mixing with everyone & sitting in close proximity with them (especially during the ceremony & meal). It may be the case that everyone will join your wedding day and it won’t be a problem, but it’s worth contacting your guests when any major announcements are made and the lockdown is lifted. Air travel may take time to get back to normal, so this especially applies to guests that are travelling from abroad. 

Would you love to have your wedding now, despite covid, and still involve all of your original guest list? Families have been kept apart with many isolated for a long time. A remote wedding is the ideal way to bring to our family back together and celebrate something good.

Social distancing wedding ceremony TV screens: 


If you have to get married in a separate area, room or building I can video your ceremony and live broadcast to screens in a separate room, so your guests can still be a witness to your special day. This will also be recorded on a professional DSLR camera (I am also a photographer) so you can also have the footage to watch after your wedding too!! 


If you have decided to have a civil ceremony on a different day (at a registry service), I can also video that & show it on your wedding day instead of getting married in another room. You can be in attendance as a guest or perhaps we can film a dash to the car, drive to the venue and you can miraculously appear through the doors as if it just happened!! Just one idea, I am more than happy to have a consultation with you to discuss your wedding options.

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Involve guests who stay at home: 


Would it not be nice to still have your wedding and also involve all of your original guest list? Many of them may have been isolated for a long time, so it would really be a nice touch to be involved along side you in your special day. This can be achieved with a dedicated team documenting key parts of your wedding day in an unobtrusive manner.  This service involves sending your guests a link and a schedule of what is going to happen and when and they can log in and witness your wedding ceremony, group photo, grand entrance (to meal), speeches & the first dance. 



You can also include a little video message from each guests that cannot attend & play that on the screens during the meal or even have all of them all on screen live, so it’s almost as if they are there with you.


Two other uses for the screens are my memoryshare – selfie system, which is very popular during the meal. I tend to run it in between courses and leave a personalised monogram on when people are eating. Combined with this I am of course also offering all my usual services, including music & sound all day and the use of my wireless microphones. 


Screens & video services: 

  • Pre wedding planning e-meeting

  • 1 or 2 TV’s (depends on room size and number of guests)

  • Live streaming & recording of the ceremony to your ceremony room

  • Recorded footage of your ceremony

  • Monogram personalised to your theme

Ceremony only: £345
Ceremony & Meal: £545


Live streaming: 

  • Pre organisation & test for guests that cannot attend 

  • Second member of staff

  • Easy to use app

  • Optional live feed of guests live video messages

Ceremony only: £145
Ceremony, group photo, grand entrance & speeches: £295


Also available: 

  • Ceremony music (both rooms)

  • ‘Your name in lights’ projected monogram

  • LED uplighting (both rooms)

  • Pre recorded video messages

  • Host/MC (Meal only & all day available)

  • All day DJ – Background music, grand entrance music, microphones

  • Evening DJ, Photobooth & Memoryshare


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