DIY Photo Booth: 

Our DIY Photo Booth is the best option if you want the benefit of a Photo Booth but are on a budget or want to take your own photos. Our DIY booth includes a personalised backdrop, professional studio lighting and the option of a prop table. Good lighting makes a fabulous photo (especially when using phones) but combine this with an uber snazzy backdrop and your guests can take and share photos all evening. For the full body booth we also include realistic custom vinyl flooring and the option of a props table to suit your wedding theme. 
This works perfectly with our Memoryshare, an interactive photosharing system and includes a discount when the two are booked together. We recommend using Memoryshare during the day and then turn it into a DIY Photo Booth in the evening. Guests take their own photos then they upload them to the Memoryshare system. 

DIY booth prices:

  • Headshot (1m x 1.5m): £130 (£95 with memory share)

  • Half body (2m x 2m): £150 (£130 with memory share)

  • Whole body & floor (2m x 3m): £170 (£150 with memory share)

  • Props table: £45

If you have any specific ideas or want a custom backdrop then please contact us: