Microphones for Wedding Ceremonies & Speeches:

Is your wedding ceremony or speeches being held outside or in a large venue? Even in smaller rooms guests can struggle to hear you when the room is filled up with people as it absorbs the sound. When outside with little insulation (marquees for example) this becomes much more of a problem. We are here to help with a range of microphone systems to suit a variety of applications.

Wireless condenser & lapel microphones:

These are microphones that pick up sound from a long distance away (several metres) which makes them perfect for wedding ceremonies. We use these as the main sound source and also have a lapel microphone for additional sound, which also acts as a back-up. We can also record the ceremony if you want us to, as it is often nice to play back the vows later on during the day. We have wired condenser microphones (pictured below) and new super compact wireless condenser microphones, for more intimate applications.

£65 – 2 mics


Wireless handheld microphones:

We have several sets of UHF (ultra high frequency) handheld microphones, which have a range of at least 50 metres. Unlike many other similar microphones they also have a very good pick up, which means that if your best man drops the microphone to his waist it can still pick up what he is saying. We usually use these in conjunction with a back-up mic system on a different frequency plus carry spare batteries in case of any rare technical faults.

£Free (when booked with an all day or evening DJ option)

With table mounted stands:



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