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Planning meetings: 

Rather than impersonal chats on email and phones, we would love to meet you before and after booking for an informal chat at your venue. We can also come to your house or a suitable venue near you (such as a restaurant). We are based near Beaulieu, so you can always come to us also. You would not invite a stranger to your wedding, so it’s great that we know each other before the day and you feel 100% confident that we are the best option for your wedding.
If you do not have the time to meet with us or live a distance away then we are also available on Skype & FaceTime.




When are you able to meet us?

Week days are perfect if you are free during the day or have the day off from work. We are also available on weekday evenings which is the most popular option. The best times are avoiding rush hour and the school run – 10am – 3pm & 6pm-9pm. If you have to meet us after work then its probably better to go home first or grab a meal etc. That way you will be more in ‘wedding mode’. We can meet you up until 9pm if that helps. If you want to come straight after work as thats the only option then thats totally fine also.
Weekends are obviously quite a busy time for us, especially with all day weddings, but we do have the odd day off on the weekend, so if you have a coordination meeting or are meeting other suppliers then we will always try and see you at the same time. The initial planning meeting takes about 30 minutes, the evening booking meetings usually take about 40 minutes  and all day bookings about 1 hour. It usually depends on how much information you have to hand or the complexity of your wedding plans.

What shall we expect from the initial meeting?

The initial meeting is just a chance for you to ask us questions and to see if we are the right supplier for you. Meeting with us is free and no obligation to book. We will tend to ask you a few questions about your day so its worth bringing your planning information with you, which may include, other suppliers, timings and an idea of the music that you like.


Please look at the following pages to get a good idea of what we do, but more importantly what to expect on your wedding day and questions to ask us at the meeting.


  • Advice (a whole treasure-trove of advice including music lists!): Advice
  • Have a look at video of us in action, you will see all sorts of ideas: Videos
  • Extras available: Extras
  • Careys clients (Lots of videos & photos): Careys


Post booking meetings:

If you decide to book with us then we will usually have one more planning meeting for an evening booking and up to two planning meeting for an all day wedding booking. You will meet the DJ you have been assigned so can ask them directly what you want (see our team here). Its best to meet at your venue and it is worth having it after your planning meeting with your wedding coordinator, as you will have much more of an idea of whats happening & when. Bring along a track list and ideas of your music requirements. Also bring your wedding planning information, such as venue timelines and details of other suppliers or even ideas you may have from research on the internet. If you want a good place to chat with other brides/grooms then this is a very good forum:
It may be helpful for you to arrange a few supplier meetings on the same day or weekend, that way you get everything done at once and can relax a bit more. Why not make a day or evening of it and have dinner in between meetings? We will sit down with you and take any necessary information relating to your wedding plans. This usually includes: names of key wedding party (parents, batsmen, bridesmaids & ushers), times of what and when on the day, information relating to your honeymoon plans and anything else that may be useful for your function. The All day bookings for example will require more information when compared to the evening only.
For the all day we will often ask you for a story about yourselves, this is typically a journey from when you first met, to the proposal or any thing else that you think your guests will find interesting and amusing. This is often read out prior to your grand entrance. We also ask for three main things that you have been looking forward to on the day, as well as possible little things that really get on each other nerves, or that you most love about each other. Examples may be “he never puts his socks in the washing basket”, or “I just love the little things he does for me, such as breakfast in bed on a Sunday”. More information here. We also have a range of interactive ideas that can suit you and also involve your guests. Table quizzes after the speeches are always a fun way to do this.


 Useful information for meetings: