LED uplighting

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Led uplighting is one of the most effective ways to colour & enhance your venue. Our lights can be placed around the room and they shine up the wall and onto the ceiling. We can also accentuate certain features of your venue (such as chandeliers, cakes, drapes & architecture). Our lights differ from standard marquee type lights as they can change colour and are also linked wirelessly to our controller so we can tell them exactly what colour they should be from pretty much any static shade, to syncing into the lighting show during the party.
Our LED uplights are probably one of the brightest lights you can purchase, which means, unlike other lights you will not need as many to fill your venue. We even have a selection of battery lights for venues without plug sockets and also spot lights to highlight cakes and other features.


Cost: £120 (small room – up to 100 guests)






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Optional extras available: