How much do you cost?

Our prices start at £500 for our evening service & £900 for our all day service.
Please contact us for a brochure, full price list and current offers.

What music do you play, do you take requests?

Yes we do, we always try and make each wedding different from the next.
Have a look at our music advice section for more information:

We are scared of getting a cheesy DJ, can you help?

We are not ‘supercool’ but we area also far from being cheesy, so a good choice for a wedding DJ! We promise to not play loads of cheesy dance move tracks (such as Agadoo, Oops upside your head, Macarena etc.) and can cater for any music genre! Microphone announcements are left to minimum & you can provide as detailed a set list as you like.

More information on our service: here

What deposit do you require?

Typically about 25%, which is required to confirm the booking.
This is a non refundable booking fee that gets deducted from your final balance.
This is a typical breakdown of an average function £600 total, £150 booking fee, £450 balance.

Will we know what DJ we get?

Yes, after booking you will be allocated one of our team that relates to your venue (access & knowledge of the venue), music requirements, type of booking (all day/evening) etc. We only have a few all day hosts so they tend to be reserved for those bookings, but we only ever take on a minimum of four bookings on any one evening. You can meet our team here.

All bookings include a one to one consultation with your DJ usually about one month before your wedding to plan what you want, so you will know your DJ personally before your wedding day.

How do we book your services?

The best bet is to contact us. We can then assess your wedding and arrange a meeting.
After that its just a matter of filling out a quick online form and paying a booking fee. Simple!

You do lighting is included as standard?

Danefloor lighting is included as standard. This is typically about 4 effects lights that are on control and will shine on the dance floor area and beyond. These are on DMX control so will be static or move to the music to suit the song being played. Extra lighting effect ideas can be found here.

What happens if our DJ is ill or breaks down en-route?

We are members of the Hampshire DJ Alliance so have a lot of other top DJ’s to call on in the event that none of other team are not available. This has happened with other members and events have been covered by a equally experienced DJ in minutes. This has fortunately not happened to us yet.

All of our DJ’s drive professional vehicles fit for our jobs and we all carry full breakdown cover. In the event of a technical breakdown of sound and lighting equipment we also carry duplicates of that.

Your quote is higher, what do you do differently?

This is a hard question to answer without seeing the other DJ’s in action as websites can be rather misleading. We have tried to answer this on this page. The best thing is to meet us and your other DJ’s in person & see which person you are most comfortable with to handle your wedding entertainment. We have a huge number of videos that try and give you a first person view of how we do things.

When is the balance due?

The balance can be paid any time really, but typically one month before your Wedding.

What areas do you cover?

We are Based in the New Forest so cover the whole of the New Forest area. We also supply mobile DJ’s to Southampton, Winchester (& surrounding areas), Salisbury, Hampshire & East Dorset. Its usually venue dependant so the best thing is to fill out an enquiry form.

How long does it take you to set up?

Depending on the DJ and venue between 30-40 minutes typically.

Do you just do weddings?

No we can cover any event pretty much as all of our DJ’s have worked at thousands of different functions before specialising in weddings, which is why our service is so varied. Our sister company Phat Events deals with private functions and corporate events. But you can also contact us through this site.

How much space do you require?

Approximately about 2 metres by 1 metre. We require 2 plug sockets capable of powering unto 2kw of power, with no fluctuations. All performance areas must be 100% weather proof.

Do you need a break or require food?

Thanks but you have paid us for a job and we personally think it’s rude when other paid suppliers queue up with your guests and tuck into their buffet (but thats our opinion). For an all day wedding however it is very much appreciated if a meal could be provided (as we are at the venue for over 12 hours quite often). This is totally up to you however. We will always prefer to eat this away from guests.