End of the night:



Everyone likes a good ending don’t they? We always like to end every wedding with a bang, so that not only you but your guests can reflect on the day they have had and hold a lasting memory of celebrating it with you both. The last thing you want is to do first dance and it to be a non event so we work with you to make it as spectacular as possible. 
The end of your wedding will usually depend on four factors:
– Ending time
– How many guests are staying at the venue
– Venue location, where guests have travelled from
– the time of the ceremony/start of the day
The ending time is most commonly midnight although it can also be 11pm and 1am. We DJ at a venue that stops at 11pm on a weekly basis and have to say that it is not as early as it seems. The plus point is that you will also have the majority of your guests in situ, so it always ends in a bang. Midnight and 1am endings can often result in less numbers, but this is wholly dependant on the other three factors. In the event that you may think that lots of your guests will leave early, we advise that you can do a mini ending 10 mins before the hour you think they will be departing. This simply involves getting everyone together and celebrating. It can often work out very well as it gives you an hour to play around with, where we can play a certain genre of music etc.
For obvious reasons the number of guests that are staying at your venue will greatly increase the chances of ending with a full house.  However, this is also dependent on the guests as an early start may result in them going to bed early, especially with a 1am+ finish. Age can also affect the party dynamics as a majority younger crowd will tend to party harder and longer than an older crowd, but sometimes it can be the other way around! See if your venue will do you a bulk deal on rooms, or perhaps there is a large guest house just walking distance away?
Some guests travel many miles to come and share your special day with you, so they will very often leave with good time to get back, especially after a long day. If you venue is in the middle of know where then taxis may be booked in advance, so its well worth letting guests know when the party finishes and giving them some decent taxi numbers to arrange in advance, because often guests will play on the safe side and book a taxi on the night, which may mean that they will leave at 11pm rather than midnight. One option is to provide transport for your guests. Coaches and minibuses are the best way to keep your guests at your venue until the end time. They also relax a lot more and get in the party spirit as they do not have to worry about anything.
The start of the day is also a very big factor in when guests leave and even if they dance or not. Many times we have played every killer track under the sun and its resulted in no dancing. More often than not its because the guests have been on the go all day so just want to sit and enjoy the music instead. A midday or earlier start may mean that the average guests wakes up at 8pm, gets ready and then travels 2 hours to your venue with one hour remaining before your ceremony. They also tend to eat breakfast and don’t get much more to eat until the meal, which does not help energy levels.
We have found that with an early start, it can be very beneficial to give the guests (and you) at least one hour if not longer to chill out and do their own thing. We have seen quite a few forced first dances straight after the meal (due to photographers, venue managers) and it really has an impact on the rest of the evening. That hour also gives you the chance to check into your room, go and have photos or just spend 20 minutes by yourselves relaxing. With the break everyone is revitalised and ready to party until the end!

The Your DJ ending:

We like to plan the end of your wedding with you and really make a lasting memory of the day. More often than not we would gather guests together about 30 minutes before the end using some killer tracks from your playlist. Venues have strict licensing and the cut off time has to be adhered to, so we tend to do a fake ending about 10 minutes before the actual finish time, which then allows your guests to congratulate you and for us to then play a couple more tracks of your choice. Often this will be connected to your honeymoon, or a specific track that you and your friends love etc. Then we would usually finish with a slowy which is a good ay to wind things down and let you say goodbye to your friends and family.


Video from 2012 at Careys Manor showing this in action: