The booking process: 


1: Contact us to make sure we are available and meet your needs. You can book at this point if you are more than happy with what you see: however, it is preferable to have a face to face meeting, just to make sure. 


2: Pre-booking meeting. Before booking, we offer the opportunity to meet us in person. Not every DJ company is the same so it’s important that you feel comfortable with us. Equally, every wedding is different, so it’s imperative that we understand what you want and can be sure that we’ll work well together. We offer meetings up to 10 miles from Southampton; usually at your venue. If you are unable to meet us then we are always available to chat on Skype or as a last resort – the phone. Weekdays or weekday evenings are the best time to meet us, as we are often busy at weekends. Initial meetings usually take about 30 minutes and just involve a general chat and a chance for you to ask some questions. The coffees are on us!


3: Fill out an online booking form. If you are confident you want to book, we require you to fill in an online booking form, which takes a couple of minutes. We will then send you payment details to pay the booking fee, which is typically about 25% of the total. This confirms the booking with us and is most commonly done over Internet banking. The balance can be paid all in one, in instalments, but typically it’s paid about one month before the wedding date. 


4: Support along the way. We are more than happy to chat with you and advise you throughout your time with us. We run weddings, so have a wealth of knowledge about local wedding venues and all things weddings! More importantly, we are here to help you with your music, hosting and entertainment requirements. Check out our Facebook page. This gets updated once a week with 1 – 3 different weddings!


5: Pre-wedding meeting. We can meet you any time in between booking and your wedding but tend to organise a meeting one month before the wedding. This is the best time to submit a track list and other key information – such as timings and names of principle guests. If you need us for advice at any point we are only too happy to help. We know the formalities inside out, so can help with anything you’re unsure about and advise on the flow of events.

Here is some of the information we require from you:

  • First dance
  • Approx. 30 tracks (that your guests may like)
  • 10 tracks from each of you (separated – that way we know exactly who likes what) and tracks that individual guests would appreciate, such as a grandparent first dance or perhaps you have an guests anniversary or birthday etc.
  • Names of the key wedding guests
  • Time line of what and when (e.g. buffet at 8pm)
  • Other entertainment present (such as a photo booth) and other information that may be useful to us on the night/day (much of this can be discussed at our last meeting so no need to worry too much about that until nearer your wedding).

Social media and blogs: 

We often take pictures of the venues, the cake, floristry and other unique and interesting parts of a wedding, which is far more interesting than our DJ kit and may give you some quirky ideas to enhance your special day.


6: On the day. We will generally arrive with an hour or two to spare before setting up. This gives us the chance to say hello to you and also safeguards for any possible logistical problems. We are usually set up with at least 30 minutes to spare before the allocated start time, so it gives you time to chat with us and make sure everything is as you wanted it.